Can You Retrieve Your Lost Love?

Tarot divination rules: Keep calm and meditate: Can I retrieve my lost love? And select one from the following four cards intuitively. Do not make a deliberate or repeated selection.


Option 1: Death

Tarot divination results: Your love has gone, it is impossible to retrieve. You'd better put it down, because no matter how hard you make, your lover will not come back. The infructuous struggling will only make you suffer injuries. You should let it go and continue to look for the next love.

Option 2: The High Priestess

Tarot divination results: It is possible to retrieve this love. Although both sides have broken up, but none of you have really put down this relationship, as long as you try to retrieve to make the other feel you still love this person, you can still continue to love. But you'd better properly adjust your attitude and give each other more tolerance and understanding, while maintaining your own external image. Do not beyond yourself due to impatience.

Option 3: Strength

Tarot divination results: Your love can be retrieved. You still love each other, the reason for breaking up is mainly caused by various misunderstandings. When the other calms down and knows he(she) can not forget you, this person will take the initiative to come back to you, you should give the other a chance to explain.

Option 4: The Emperor

Tarot divination results: If you make the effort, you can retrieve your love. Just the gap has produced, even you can retrieve your love, the relationship between two people would no longer be so intimate as before. And after this seperation, the other's heart will become wilder than ever. You must pay a lot of effort to control this person, such kind of love will make you feel very tired.