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Tarot divination you look in the eyes of others

Want to know they were 'somebody' in the eyes of a man is how to do? Then divining it, see what he thought about you in the end. Please relax and meditate in the heart of his name again, and then start thinking, 'I hope xxx know what my view is,' and then with your first instinct, from the following six tarot elect a your favorite.

1, The Hierophant

Divination Result: you are in his eyes is a traditional, old-fashioned and like helping the people who, in some cases also means that you are to obey their elders elegant aid can be a good student.

Personality analysis: the pursuit of a sense of security and fear because changes in the heart, so you for handling emergency incidents appeared to be inadequate, the lack of resilience, so give him too much to rely on feel.

Advice: efforts to develop their ability to think independently, and when you have confidence in yourself, you will not just obey and rely on someone else.

2, The Chariot

Divination Results: In the eyes of this person you are full of confidence and have an ability of people to defend themselves.

Personality Analysis: You have a strong maternal instinct, a deep concern for the people's heart, but the occasion in the face of conflict, especially in this conflict will hurt the person you love, then you will show 'I must win' belief, Standing majestically on enough to scare off challengers.

Advice: proper care can move people, but too much protection, but it will make the other an absence!

3, The Hermit

Divination Results: In the eyes of the person you are protecting a deeply wrong color and because they do not like people.

Personality Analysis: As you get used to the mind focused on something in front of people, plus you acting low-key and does not like to be disturbed outsider, so in interpersonal relationships seemed a bit closed.

Advice: open your heart, sincere face of everything, you will find that life is so rich, the world is so good.

4, The Tower

Divination Results: In the eyes of the person you are a heart full of controversy and a bit complicated person.

Personality Analysis: Since your values ​​are based on speculation tricky way, so any relationship are prone to sudden unexpected change.

Advice: Learn causal laws, and down to earth to business objectives, to peace of mind in the face of all challenges.

5, The Lovers

Divination Result: You are in the eyes of this man a good communicator, sensual and charismatic person.

Personality analysis : Because you have strong curiosity, once the face of temptation, the frequent fall into moral test but must make a choice.

Advice : Do not wisdom wrong, the best moment you step by step to perform the obligation to consolidate for some people envy those relationships.

6, The Emperor

Divination Results: In his eyes you are a paradoxical man, both self-esteem and arrogance.

Personality analysis: the lack of self-confidence because your heart, afraid hurt, but in order to protect themselves, but the appearance seems arrogant, strong, so a little tiger means, to act easily give up halfway.

Advice: reduced desire and enhance mobility, will naturally make their own they seem, want to achieve can be done one by one, confidence built up naturally.

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