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Tarot divination your interview success rate

Are you trying to find a suitable job now? If you find your favored work,  the first hurdle to cross is the interview, it determines whether you can have this job. If you are at this juncture, if you want to know whether you can get interview success, then let's do the followng Tarot divination. Please relax yourself and intuitively select one card from the following cards, the answer will give you revelation.


1. The Wheel

Interview Success Index: 0 point

You are self-confident usually, but you might become more serious than anyone else at the critical moment of the recent interview. Too nervous of course is a problem, but your seriousness mainly lies in your lack of understanding of this new job. Because you do not work hard, so you haven't prepared well enough for this interview. Predictably, the recent interview would be a terrible mess for you.

2. The High Priestess

Interview success index: 74 points

In this stage, your work is almost everything, so the interview is a relatively important thing for you. You treat everything seriously, so you will make good preparation before the interview. However, the opposite effect would suddenly emerge at the last minute, mental tension might let you produce bad performance at the interview, this would be the most likely happened problem for you. Take it easy, you will have the opportunity to cross the border!

3. The Empress

Interview success index: 92 points

You are an innate performer, you can have a way to cover up the tension in your heart, so the others can not find your seriousness. You are able to face everything easily, so people have to admire your resistance to stress, so in fact you do not need much of divination instructions. You'd better regard the interview as a little test, your opportunity to get a new job would be very high.

4. The Fool

Interview success index: 44 points

You are lack of passion and dreams, you are apathy on existing work, but it does not mean a new job can arouse your passion. You must call upon this point yourself firstly. Your problem at this stage is not how to face the interview, because you know how to correspond with the interviewer. The problem does not lie in how to train, since your ability is rather good. The key is your attitude on the matter, attitude does not change everything wlll go defeat. You'd better change your attitude right now.

5. The Lovers

Interview success index: 64 points

Now it is a very good interview stage for you. You have full of passions, that is to say that when you are looking for a new job, firstly you would make sure if the duty and expertise can meet your hobby, secondly if the company's property would be your favorite. Work and hobby are different things for most people, but you would like to find your favorite work. So you'd better send resume and prepare for interview seriously enough, which is the key for you.

6. The Hierophant

Interview success index: 38 points

You have to get rid of the habit of naggingness, you might even tell the others about the secret things like interview. You'd better be careful not to be betrayed by others! You are too straightforward and simple, so you always treat others with utmost sincerity. You would like to ask for advice before the interview in order to pick the best attitude. But you hardly realize that you might lose your original opinions. You might let the interviewer see through you are undecided, thus damage your image!

7. Justice

Interview Success Index: 83 points

When you are finding a new job, if this job is very similar to your existing work duty, so your acceptance rate would be very high. You are born with a little good luck, although you might not have too big ideals nor ambitions, however you know stability is a blessing. So even if your work is interrupted, the rest of the time would not be too long. In addition to strengthening your enthusiasm, you'd better be happy-go-lucky. Everything would be ok for you.

8. The Hermit

Interview success index: 12 points

You can not play your talent, if you resigned at the improper time, it is likely to be jobless for some days. You have high aspirations but low abilities, you would like to apply for some work that is beyond your ability. Even if you get this job, it would be very hard to do it for you. And you would not like to start from the grassroots job. So you must find time to pursue further studies in order to strengthen your professional capacity, which is the ultimate solution.