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Tarot divinces if you would suffer from depression?

Modern people have great pressure, if not relieve in time, it is likely to suffer from depression due to too much pressure. This is a kind of common mental disorder, which is expressed for depression, hobby reducing, pessimistic, retardation of thinking, lack of initiative, self-blame, poor diet and sleep, worry about suffering from various diseases, feel much discomfort. The serious person might even commit suicide.

Do you want to know your index of having depression? Please relax and choose one card with from the following four cards by the seat of your pants, you can know the answer.


A.  The Sun

Depression index is 30%

Your own personality is more optimistic just like the sun, although you may feel depressed sometime, but you could always face positively, you would always think of a good way to solve, so your index of having depression would be very low.

B.  The Hermit

Depression index is 90%

Do you oftern think something bad recently? Do you feel very lonely that it seems no one can talk with you? In fact, these are only your personal ideas. Do not think that now nobody can help you.  As long as you open your heart, someone will help you, should not let yourself alone, go out for a walk!

C.  Temperance

Depression index is 50%

You might be a people who have self-control, although some upset things happened frequently, but you still can adjust your own state of mind slowly. If you feel that you seem to have a tendency of depression, probably feel many things you are doing now are much worse than you thought it would. in fact, the ideal and the reality always have gaps. You'd better force for everything.

D、The Fool

Depression index is 10%

It is a bit of an exaggeration to say you are heartless, but  is very normal to say you are silly and naive, but it is because of such mentality that could make yourself full of vigor. If you have a tendency of depression, it would be very slight, so don't worry about it.