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Tarot divines how far is the distance between you and your dream?

Dream is the power with that people live and direction for that people work hard, everyone are working hard in order to realize their dreams, just because everyone have different fortunes, so the distance from the dream are different too. Do you want to know how far the distance is? Then follow the moon Tarlow to do this divination.

Divination Rules´╝ÜPlease keep calm and meditate " how far is the distance from the dream?, and then choose one from the following four cards with intuitian. Be sure not to choose deliberately and repeatedly.

Wands Two

The tarot card displays that you are very near from your dream, you are a very hard worker, and for your future you have clear goals and plans, as long as you persist in your plan ahead, you will soon be able to realize the dreams.

Swords Five

The tarot card displays that  there is a period of time for you to realize your dream. Although you work very hard, but because your urgency, More haste, less speed. You are appropriate to relax, give yourself some time, after making clear your goal and use normal mentality to carry out your plan step by step, you will realize your own dreams.

Inversion of Swords Seven

The tarot card displays that  there is a long period of time for you to realize your dream. Although you pay for your dream a lot, but it seems that the way is wrong, so you are still far away from the dream. You need to stop to adjust your own direction and find a way to be able to get closer from your dream.

Inversion of Ace of Swords

The tarot card displays that your dream you want to realize seems to be unrealistic. In your heart also do not have a clear goal, dream is just a thought without specific implementation plan, more do not say what to do. Therefore, the actual dream to you is a very distant thing.

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