Tarot divines how much does your lover love you at present

If you are a woman in love, you must have thought of such a problem, that is "how much does my lover love me? ". If you are interested, let's do the tarot divination. Please keep relaxed and choose a card from the following cards instinctively.


A: The Devil

The present loving you index is 40%

You should pay particular attention to the relationship between you and your lover recently, because of his dissatisfaction with you, can be said to have accumulated to the extent and may be triggered at any moment. The reason is that he may have very much suspicion to you, and probably there is a new object who attracts him, so frequently behave abnormally and hesitantly.

Reminder: You certainly have to process what your relationship with your lover in order to avoid unpleasant things!


B: The Lover

The present loving you index is 90%

Recently the lover's love to you can be said to be perfect! You must be indulged in crazy love with each other now, feeling very enviable. In lover's eyes only have you, think that it is the happiest thing in the world is to be with you. Reminder: although you still a bit unsatisfactory to the performance on each other occasionally, but please think about that in this world there is never a pair of lovers who can completely meet each other? So, now you should be satisfied!

C: The Pentacles

The present loving you index is 70%

If you choose this card shows that you usually think: I should be the perfect person in his heart and he must obey to me whatever I do to him, he must always love me, I am his focus.

Remind: Why do you think of so much, as long as he loves you and very nice to you, two people together is very happy, why do you still care so much? The expectation is high, the more you are disappointed! You should understand this truth.

D: Seven of Swords

The present loving you index is 30%

Have you recently experienced a quarrel or cold war with each other? Maybe you've accumulated many contradictions, now your lover is very disappointed with you, he may think that he would not have a future with you, and is very afraid that the problems between you will happpen repeatedly, even thought he should leave you now or not?

Remind: If you don't want to part with him, so don't ignore lover's feeling, you should find a time and comfortable place to communicate with him seriously regardless of whether can relieve the problem between you and him, but you have maken the effort, even if you lost the lover, you will not be so disappointed!