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Tarot divines how serious hypochondria you will have

Tarot divination rules: Keep calm state of mind and meditate: "how serious hypochondria will I have?" Then choose one from the following four cards in the seat of your pants. Do not choose deliberately nor repeatedly.



Option 1: The Emperor(inversion)

Tarot divination Results: Under normal circumstances you will not have a hypochondria, but have to say that if your relationship is not so stable, or you do not have confidence in his words, it is easy for you to be suspicious, and even become very scary! You either will not doubt the other completely, or suspect very heavily!

Option 2: Justice

Tarot divination Results: In your head there is absolutely no hypochondria, because you pay attention to evidence and reason for everything. That is to say if your lover does something making you feel weird, you will not immediately suspect your lover. You will make conclusion after obtaining enough evidence. In the absence of sufficient evidence, you will not doubt.

Option 3: Seven of Cups

Tarot divination Results: You can definitely regarded as a hypochondriac overweight people! You will become suspicious easily because of a little bit strange performance of your lover, and sometimes some irrelated things will lead you have unlimited imagination! So your hypochondriac is very heavy, and you have to pay attention to! It is very hurtful for your feelings!

Option 4: The Hierophant(inversion)

Tarot divination Results: Your hypochondriac is not too heavy, just when you feel insecure, or in poor state, you may outbreak suddenly. You will suddenly suspect your lover. But you would not do anything to make each other very embarrassing thing, just make a little tentative in speech. If you can not find clear evidence, you will not call to account. You will not affect your feelings.