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Tarot divines how terrible you would become in love

Tarot divination rules:  Keep calm state of mind and meditate: "how terrible will I become in love?" Then choose one card from the following four cards by the seat of your pants. Do not choose deliberately nor repeatedly.


Option 1: Seven of Cups

Tarot divination result: You would be some horrible people in love, you are used to planning for your love, and often you would indentity your idea as a reality, and therefore if the reality is not same with what you believe, you might fly into a rage.

Option 2: Four of Pentacles

Tarot divination result: Unless you really are provoked by your lover, or else you will not break out of your horror side in love. You always give a good boy feeling, even if you also want to naughty just as funny. However, in this image you must have a horror factor, but it is difficult to erupt.

Option 3: The Tower

Tarot divination result: You would be definitely horrible in love, you are very good if nothing happens. But if anything touched your bottom line, then you will surely erupt terribly! ! Perhaps this is the so-called that love makes you crazy.

Option 4: Eight of Pentacles

Tarot divination result: In fact you would have many ideas in love, but it seems that you like to hide your thought and advice in your heart. So you are not terrible in love , for you would not express your shadow in heart, you would not lose your temper easily.