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Tarot divines how to avoid harm in love

Tarot divination rules: Keep calm state of mind and say to yourself: 'How to avoid being hurt in love?' And choose one from the following four cards by the seat of your pants. Do not choose deliberately nor repeatedly.



Option 1: Queen of Swords

Tarot divination results: The real love should stand the test of time. You might break up with your lover due to abepithymia after a long time. When you selected your lover,  you might not know the person very well. If you want to avoid harm in love, you'd better fully understand the other, and make it clear whether you really love the person. You'd better not try loving someone. Love is not joke.


Option 2: The Moon

Tarot divination results: If you want to avoid harm in love, you'd better choose the right lover. You might be a sentimentalist. Your love experience would be bumpy before finding your true love. You'd better choose to break up decisively when you found the other was not suitable for you. You would be hurt greatly if you're together with a person you didn't love.


Option 3: Ace of Swords

Tarot divination results: You'd better get to know each other deeply in love, because you would tend to be confused by the other's appearance or rhetoric. If you fell in love blindly, you would be hurt definitely. You'd better not hurry in love. Only the long process of pursuit could make your relationship more solid.


Option 4: Three of Swords

Tarot divination results: You would be likely to be hurt in love. You are very faithful, it would be difficult for you to free yourself once fell in love. How to operate your love is your biggest problem. You'd better not put all your energies on love, and you must learn to be independent or strong.