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Tarot divines how to make the acquaintance of the opposite sex

Tarot divination rules: Keep calm state of mind and say to yourself: "How can I make the acquaintance of of the opposite sex?" And then choose one from the following four cards in the seat of your pants. Do not choose deliberately nor repeatedly.



Option 1: Three of Swords

Tarot divination Result: You are a very honest person. You would not be concerned about other opposite sex if you've have lover. But you couldn't find an opportunity to know more opposite sex when you were single. You'd better grasp every opportunity to know opposite sex, for interpersonal relationships are slowly accumulated. You'd better preserve your good reputation to make the acquaintance of opposite sex more.


Option 2: Judgement

Tarot divination Result: You could have more opportunities to contact with the opposite sex, but the relationship would not be very close. You'd better rationally use the resources to take part in some of their activities, so you could know a lot of good opposite sex. Of course, usually you should also take the initiative to keep in touch with them more, which would help boost your popularity.


Option 3: Four of Swords

Tarot divination Result: In fact, your own condition is very good, but you would be very slow on dating. People would usually come close to you, but you would rarely take the initiative to get to know others, especially the opposite sex. You would take a long time to be slowly familiar with your colleagues at work. If you want to get to know more opposite sex, you'd better change your situation. You should take the initiative to pursue the opposite sex you like.


Option 4: Seven of Swords

Tarot divination Result: You have been very popular among opposite sex. You would have some good heterosexual friends. But you would always have a certain choice and purpose when making friends, your circle would be very limited. If you want to get to know more opposite sex, you must not  measure a person from the appearance and material, then as much as possible to get their favor.