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Tarot divines how would you express before people you like?

Whether you are male or female, you will always show some unusual behavior in front of the person you like, your friends will know that you have fallen in love! What on earth would you express?


A: The Fool

In front of the person you like your action and mood immediately would become very exaggerated, upgraded to a professional actor. You would do anything to attract the attention of the other. But people around you might feel some rather puzzling.

B: Six of Pentacles

A smile worth a thousand ounces of gold. You would become very rich and very generous in front of the person you like. You would invite everyone to eat, watch movies and go to play for purposes of being together with the person.  While the girl would show the utmost solicitude, ask people whether they feel hot, provide food and tea for people, which will make people reluctant to refuse.


C: The Hanged Man

You don't know why your subconscious mind will immediately order your boday and eyes to make piteous shape as long as the other one appears in order to attract the other's attention and catch his eyes. This is a very useful way!

D: The Hermit

Once you see the people you like, you would immediately become a few degrees below zero, you are in fact a very lively and funny person, but you are afraid of being joked by the other one. So you have to immediately put on a mask and open interval. Only you spend lots of time together, people will know that you are a very easy-going, very funny person.