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Tarot divines how you can start a new love successfully?

Tarot rules: Keep calm state, and meditate: "how can I successfully start a new love?" and select one from the following four cards with intuition,  remember not to make a deliberate or repeated selection.


Option 1: Judgement

Tarot results: when you have the lovelorn haze disperse clean, intend to start a new love, you need to work to improve their internal and external image to change their own state of mind, to make themselves look full of self-confidence, and then often participate in some activities, as much as possible to learn more about the opposite sex. I believe that you can encounter a new object to start a new romance.

Option 2: The High Priestess

Tarot results: You are a very heavy feeling, if a relationship fails, perhaps the surface not see how injured, but it is a serious internal injuries. To successfully start a new love, you have to completely forget about everything before the lira out of the memories of the past. You are the best of external conditions, and kind, pleasant personality, not worried about the pursuit of the opposite sex.

Option 3: The Hanged Man

Tarot results: you are not a people forget the past and love, and care more about the feeling of the moment. In the current period, the love affair was over, and you will soon change their attitude, then start looking for a new object. Therefore, there is no need to do any preparations to meet the right person, at any time you are able to go all out to start a new love.

Option 4: The Moon

Tarot results: 'Once bitten, twice shy' is used to describe you never been more appropriate. When after a failed love affair, you will suffer from the fear of love, for fear of being hurt again, do not dare to go to love. You want a smooth start of the next period of love, we must strive to overcome the fear, completely out of the shadow of lost love, or I'm afraid you everything about this life savor the sweetness of love.