Tarot divines how your lover would love you

For people in love, the most concern must be how your lover would love you. If you want to know the answer to this question, let's do the tarot divination.

Topic: To choose one card you best like with thinking of your lover.

Two of Cups

You would be the other oneself in your lover's heart. Your lover would have a close rapport with you  no matter what this person wants or does. You would be the silent partners. Your lover would love you so much.

The Chariot

You would have maken rapid progress in love for the previous period with the trend of loving each other regardlessly. However, there must have a quiet period after the passion. You might feel that your lover couldn't love you so much as before. But this feeling is only illusion from a passion or attributable to the dull. So rest assured, your lover would still love you. But this person would still have a lot of things to think of beyond loving you. So you'd better learn to be an understanding partner.

The Emperor

You would care about your lover very much. You would be lover-directed for everything. You would also treat the person’s words as Imperial edict. The punishment is skilfully given by one and gladly accepted by another. But from point of view of how much the person loves you, this person would love himself or herself more than you. But it seems that you have accepted this fact and do not mind too much, because you really love this person.

Three of Pentacles 

You would be not only emotional partners, but also you would have more or less connections and relationships in the job. You might have different backgrounds or interests, but you both could know to run-in and accommodate. But from point of view of how much the person loves you, you might think that you are taking advantage of each other in the love relationship. But if you could make sure you love the person, you should understand that it is not utilitarian to support to each other in the career.