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Tarot divines if he has a crush on you

Being in the ambiguities of feelings is the easiest way to make people blush and heart beat. At the same time, they will also suffer from being unable to determine each other's feelings. If you are shy and dare to secretly fall in love with you, and you don't have the courage to test whether he likes you or not, let's do this Tarot Divination to see whether he likes you or not.

Rules: Please relax and choose one from the following four tarots intuitively.

1, The Empress

A good heart is gradually heating

He is infected by your temperament and internal, so more and more close to you, each other's ideas, and common points are very fit. This is a good chance for you to return by the strength, make a good development, you have the opportunity to go to lovers step, the other loves the gentle and kind type, long for lasting love, you should get ready to start long running!

2, Swords Ten

Have no intention to love and turn a blind eye to love

The other stops in the injured loss point, he fell to the bottom and needs time to recover, he is not interested in the opposite sex, even though you actively cure him and listen to him, but he will not be moved, not your charm, it is premature. I suggest you to put long-term, gradually observe if his personality is suitable to you, then you consider whether to approach or not.

3, The Tower

Gather honey playful, harbor evil intentions

He has a little crush on you, but the heart is more interested in some of your outstanding, parts that let him interested, so he doesn't really know you. To be close to you without understanding you is just for sex or appearance, or body condition. The other has low attitude in the emotional aspects. I advise you to give up as soon as possible to avoid undue delay may bring trouble, or give your heart to him out of control.

4, Cups Five

No joy and love, make nothing of

The other doesn’t like wishful thinking on exclusion, or fall in love with someone else firstly. He likes others to fall in love with him, constantly looking for opposite sex with better conditions, in love he will easily and ruthless hurt admirer’s heart. In fact, he is flower and cannot play, you rather not regard his position as the default, and in fact he is too lazy to refuse.