Tarot Divines If He or She Cares About You


People in love care about their position in each other's heart and whether they care about themselves. But sometimes it's hard to really understand a person only by feeling, and only after experiencing difficulties and tests can we see the real side. Want to know if your TA cares about you? Let's do the Tarot Divination. I hope it can help you.

Divination rules: Please relax, say to yourself 'Does he or she care about me?', and then choose one from the following four cards intuitively.


1, The Inversion of Page of Pentacles

This Tarot shows that he or she doesn't care about you very much. You guys get along not too harmonious, there are a lot of conflicts and disputes with each other, at the same time the two of you are lack of security about this love from your hearts. Afraid of being hurt, you two dare not make full efforts. And your pay needs return, so it is not too sincere.

2, Temperance

This Tarot shows that he or she looks at you more as a friend, rather than lovers. While he or she may feel very happy and relaxed with you, but also learn a lot of things from you, but it does not mean that he or she loves you more often, he or she just regards you as a friend. Even he or she really cares about you, but it’s about a friend significance, rather than lover's.

3, Inversion of Pentacles Seven

This Tarot shows that he or she doesn't care much about you. You should be more rational, because in his view you are just dispensable. Although you believe you’re in their love, but from the other point of view, he or she does not want to pay too much, but there is a strong fear of failure in their hearts. They want big return for a little of pay. If you make yourself rational, you can feel their attitudes.

4, Queen of Cups

This Tarot shows that he or she cares so much about you. From their points of views, you have a warm personality, you’re always cordial and attentive, and they can feel very warm and comfortable together with you. Therefore, he or she looks at you as their admiration object, naturally care about you very much. If you also feel the same, it is good to meet them, for it’s believed that your romance is beautiful and sweet.