Tarot divines if he or she really love you

The life is but a dream, everyone is looking for a true love to accompany for the whole life the path of love. Is your lover your true love? If you want to know, let’s do this divination.

Note: Firstly you should make sure the problem is just what you are doubt before starting, meaningless questions will only make you feel confused. Remember that the divination in three months can only be done once!

Meditate in heart: “Does the other part really love me?” and choose the most impressive card intuitively.


1, Inversion of Pentacles Three

He or she has no plan to change

The idea between you both is not synchronized, although your lover really loves you, but the extent has quite big difference with you. Maybe he or she is an ingrained Never-Marry Group, does not intend to change, and only want to live a happy for the future, and have no mental intention to enter the other stages of life. The other just wants a happy and easy life, even it is difficult to confirm a simple and stable relationships. So you'd better think of clearly!

2, Inversion of Cups Ten

He or she can’t stand only to escape

Ta is not ready. To say more simply, he or she is unable to face anything in feelings. Once the obligation or commitment appears, he or she just wants to escape, escape the any possible responsibilities, including any risk. He or she may love you, but the other can’t give the shoulder to protect and take care of you. Maybe it is easy and less pain for you to leave now.

3, Inversion of Page of Cups

He or she had been injured and had rash, but it may not the same.

He or she is an emotional person, also was too naive, hurt some past objects, and may even be badly hurt. But now he or she has been off naïve in feelings, maybe become more realistic, but also become timid.

Be afraid to be hurt or hurt others are inevitable, but if even the courage is lost, you may no longer love others. This is where you should pay attention t. You should observe if your lover still has courage in the face of love!

4, Pentacles Eight

He or she is more seriously than anyone

You can rest assured that in that relationship are probably even more seriously than you, and even more desire to enter the next phase of life than you in face the future. But this does not mean that he or she has already fallen in love with you, only very sincerely want to take a walk together with you, in the face of various challenges in life, he or she has also had considerable psychological preparation. So as long as the two of you have good feelings, also have proper coordination and communication in all aspects of life, you both perhaps will be able to walk like this.

5, The Hanged Man

Too seriously may also become a burden

Rather than worry about if you put real heart, it is inferior to say that the other is too seriously, he or she is even willing to make compromises for this future life, sacrifice and change their state of life, dreams, etc. What he or she did came from that they really hope to have a stable relationship, even marriage, or a family. Faced with such a serious object, you should think about and make sure if you are ready for?