Tarot divines if he really likes you

Do you like a person silently in your heart, but do not know the other person’s idea involved?  Do you want to know if the person likes you too? Then let's try the Tarot divination to find out the answer.

Divination rules: Please relax yourself and then choose one from the following cards intuitively.


1. Likes slightly

He or she might have some hazy feel for you, and might like you slightly, but the person could not be sure. If you liked the other, you'd better give him or her some time, so they would gradually make sure their feeling. Do not be too active so as not to scare the other and might make the person remove from you. You might contact with the person so, waiting for conditions to become ripe.

2. Regards you as a friend

He or she might not like you but just regard you as a friend. Although the person might be very concerned about you and warm to you, but it does not mean that the person liked you. Because the person treats other friends like this too. You’d better maintain friendly relations. Do not put your emotional comfort on this person.

3. Has more desire than love for you

Although you like the person very much, but the other party could not have the same emotion, but rather a desire. You might occur one-night stand, but it would be hard to make further development between you. If you do not want to let yourself hurt, you'd better make yourself sensible. I believe that you would not like a person who does not want to take responsibility in love. You're just a little confused.

4. Does not know

The person you like would be in a tangle, the person might not know if really liked you. If you liked the  person really, you'd better play hard to get, which might make the person pursue you actively instead. If you were too proactive, you might get the opposite result. So you’d better give each other some time patiently.

5. Likes you very much

Congratulations! The person would have moved by you actually and begun to like you. You would be exactly the type the other one likes. He or she would have a feeling of love to you, and might decide to take action to get your love. If you two are not too familiar with each other, then the feelings for you would only stay on the surface, and can not stand the test now. If you've known each other for a period of time, it means you really may develop into lovers. You’d better seize this opportunity.