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Tarot divines if this man is worthy to entrust your life

People in love are the most sensitive, and most worry about personal gains and losses. When lovers have a slight change in mood, they will think of whether lovers still love them. Women should be more cautious in love, after all, this is a lifetime event. It’s lucky to find a man deserves entrusting the whole life. Do you want to know whether your lover is worthy to entrust your life? Let's do the Tarot divination.

Divination rules: Please relax, say to yourself "Is he worthy to entrust my whole lift?”, and then choose one from the following four cards by the seat of your pants.


1. Three of Swords 

This Tarot shows that it is a little dangerous to entrust your life to him. He had been hurt for several times in feelings, so his attitude towards feelings is somewhat skeptical and nervous, and he is in lack of security in this relationship. If you love him very much, you should concern about and tolerate him more, let him feel the warmth, he will slowly put down the past pain, and put his true heart to you. Otherwise, you’d better keep a distance from him.

2. Temperance

This Tarot shows that you guys do not like unilateral love, all of you need to get a return, if both sides put all hearts to each other, then the result would be very good. Remember to maintain the same degree of love to him, then you will be able to stay with each other forever..

3. Seven of Pentacles(inversion)

This Tarot shows that he isn’t worthy to entrust your life. This man is somewhat selfish, he just likes to enjoy, not willing to pay. If you love this person, you will have to suffer.

4. Strength

This Tarot shows that you have a strong desire to control, and he is also obedient to you completely. This is a good man, who is worthy to entrust your whole life, but you should also appropriately give him the freedom and space, do not control him too tightly, otherwise once his tolerance limit is reached, he will come to a large outbreak, then you can’t afford.