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Tarot divines if you are a good mother after married?

Do you want to know what you will be after married? an understanding wife or a loving mother? Let's do a tarot divination. Please relax yourself and choose one you from following cards, and have a look what kind of mother you will be?

One: The Lovers

Carefully have a look at this tarot card of your choice that a winged angel appears vaguely, the angel means that you have a romantic look forward to the fantasy of love, you thought a " hot mom " is to hope that your loved ones can get happiness, joy and peace. You can willingly give up fame and glory of secular, simply as a housewife, cooking dinner and washing clothes, in order to maintain a happy family.

Two: Queen of Cups

Choose this card indicates that after marriage you will spend your time on playing a good mom, taking good care of your children, and accompanying the children to experience the joys of life! You are not afraid of dirty, not afraid of insects, afraid of ghosts! In the eyes of children mommy is a superwoman who doesn't fear anything! So you would rather sacrifice your sleeping time every night to tell stories to your baby.

Three: Queen of Pentacles

Choose this card indicates that after marriage although you will a husband who loves you, and the children you loved, but life will have a lot of more disturbing things, however you attach great importance to the quality of life and taste, you will still enjoy food and wine tasting pleasure with your family on weekends, your definition of " hot mom " is to understand the life experience fun, so can really live a happy life! So you will not give up food and clothes, leisure and enjoyment for the sake of helping children prepare a meal for dinner.

Four: Queen of Swords

Choose this card indicates that after marriage you will not put yourself in life, instead you will use the time when husband go to work or children go to school, and will take the time to develop your own hobbies, such as learning international standard dance, painting, playing table tennis, learning English, in order to maintain the body you will also arrange appropriate sports, such as swimming, playing table tennis ball, gym etc.! Your definition of " hot mom " is the life and spirit are fully satisfied, you don't want to be a simple-minded mommy.

Five: Queen of Wands

Choose this card indicates that you have a very strong business heart, so after marriage when you become the mother, you will still not give up the idea of becoming a professional woman . Your definition of " hot mom " is to own your own business and work achievement, do not wish to take your time to the family or children, but looking forward to put the family as your supporter.