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Tarot divines if you are a love substitute of your lover

Love is selfish, we do not allowed the other people to involve. If you are in love, have you noticed that if your lover still hid the secret of love? For example: he (she) refused to talk about the old love, or had excessive comments on the old romance. Did your lover always neglect you? Did your lover often compare you with old lover? Be careful! You might become a love substitute of your lover. Singer Anthony Neely's song “ the last embrace” describes this plot: the lover always never forgets the old lover, eyes seems to hide hurt, always spit swallow half, sometimes suddenly sadly runs away, and still keeps the old group photo. Do you also encounter a similar situation? Or just you think too much. Let's do the tarot divination to find out the clue!

Close your eyes and meditate the other’s name and your question, and then choose one from the following cards with intuition.

The Moon

Look out! He has not given up heart to old lover! Even more dangerous thing is that his old lover has not given up your lover too. Therefore they have a chance to “rise again from the ashes”, maybe it is the coincidence arranged by God, it is also possible that they “didn't break up clearly”, even often have contacts privately.... To make a long story short, give the fate to God! You'd better observe patiently, and try to be good to him, maybe he will ultimately choose you!

The Wheel

Perhaps he regards you as a section of love alternative from start, or because you have his old lover's shadow, so he is especially fond of you. However, these are passed! (Or it is about to be passed.) Your charm will gradually to capture his heart, his love will slowly grow tendency to you, so do not give up, do not bear matice, you'd better give him a little time to erase all the past. Remind you not to let him contact with the old lover, if you are too generous, he will become a stringless kite!

The Hanged Man

If you think he is very strange, the most likely reason is that he is in his own world thinking problems. Of course, sometimes he will miss the old lover, or think of past romantic memories (due to a movie or a song). However, he can not forget the bitter brought by that love, so you need not fear he will be entangled with an old lover, also need not worry he will be lured away by the old lover!


It is deceptive to say he currently has no old lover's shadow. However, in his heart he also has understood that they have no possibility to be together again, so there is no other extravagant hope. However, you’d better not think that he just put you as a feelings alternative! In fact, he loves you very much, but he has been impeded by the old love too deeply. You'd better give him a little more time and more considerate understanding in order to help him get rid of the shackles of old love!

The High Priestess

Don't worry. His mind is far better than the feelings, so he would take out rational analysis for everything. Although his attitude still seems to miss the old lover, but you don't have to worry about, he has a great ruler in heart. Even if there is an opportunity to let him to compound with the old lover, he won't choose to composite. Since he has chosen you, it means that he knows that you are more suitable for him, as long as you concentrate on this love and don't let him down, you would contact with each other continuously.

The Empress

In fact, you do not have to worry about him. Although he is a softie, but it does not mean he would be so easily “lured away”! Even if he links with an old lover, or you find he still keeps old photos with old lover, it does not mean that he still misses the old love and just treats you as a substitute. The fact is that he cares about feelings so much, whether it is for friendship or old affection. It is just a memory for him, it is more precisely to say that he misses the past youth time, he is absolutely responsible and caring for you!

The Emperor

Oh! Don't think too much! In fact, he did not miss the old lover, if you feel that his attitude is strange presently, it is because he recently met with difficulties. For example: he met troubles at work, lost something, or had some trouble at home...and so on. Even though he is still contacting with the old lover (or crush in the past), he had sublimated the past love to friendship already, you just set your mind at rest completely! He could have a sense of propriety.

The Devil

There is no denying that in his heart he is still attached to the old lover, but you'd better not lose heart, because you still have the opportunity to pull his heart back! But this is an absolute hard road, you need to concentrate on trying. First of all, you must understand what type of opposite sex him likes both on the appearance and inner beauty. And you'd better take care of him and show your romantic flirt (not to let him feel that you are short of enthusiasm!). As long as you persevere to “attack”, you would sit at the the throne in his heart!