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Tarot divines if you are a super affectionate person?


Tarot divination rule: Keep calm state of mind and meditate: "Am I a super affectionate person?" Then choose one from the following four cards in the seat of your pants. Do not deliberately choose nor repeatedly.



Option 1: Seven of Swords(inversion)

Tarot divination result: You would not be a super affectionate person, it is even difficult to call you an affectionate person! To tell you the truth, you are a selfish person, when you encounter a lot of problems, you would firstly think of your gain and loss. Unless you truly love the other, otherwise it is difficult for you to pay too much for love. And even if you love the other deeply, there will be very small probability to choose love when you make difficult choice.


Option 2: Queen of Swords(inversion)

Tarot divination result: You would not be a super affectionate person, you would be affectionate so-so. You would have your personal ideas emotionally. As long as you love the other, you are very willing to pay for the feelings. But also because you are reasonable in love, so if there is past redress problem appear in your relationship, you would be very likely to give up eventually.


Option 3: The Moon(inversion)

Tarot divination result: You would almost be considered as a a super affectionate person, but you would always easy to change. Althoug you're willing to pay for your lover, but you would change your heart very quickly. It seems that your feelings durability is not very high, you would be easy to change because of something. But I have to say that you would  be willing to give up everything for your lover as long as you are in love with this person´╝ü


Option 4: Ten of Wands

Tarot divination result: You would be a super affectionate person! Your dedication and care for love is absolutely invincible! You would stick to love in any situation. Love is your life, your all!