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Tarot divines if you are fit for early marriage or late marriage

In today's society, there are more and more overage young women. Although older people always say that it is more difficult for overage girls to get married and find a good husband. Also it is better to have children as early as possible, otherwise the child will be unhealthy and it is harder to raise children. But if you get married early, you would be tied by family and your husband. And if there is no good economic base, the marriage life would be very tired. Whether to have early marriage or late marriage? Let's do the Tarot divination.

Please relax and select a tarot below by the seat of your pants, you will get a corresponding revelation.

1. The Emperor

This card suggests that you have a little strong personality, although you look forward to stable emotional relationship, but your strong and proud personality would make the other half think you are a real coddled female. For marriage, if the other can not ask by all means or use romantic courtship ritual, you would not accept his proposal. Since you have strong domination, you would have much complaints and nagging about your lover. You would find your Mr. Right after years of searching, screening. As it is not easy to find your Mr. Right, so you would not be likely to have early marriage.

2. The Lovers

This card suggests that you think that marriage is the most important thing in life, in addition to both men and women should really love each other, you care about the interaction between the couple more. If both sides can treat each other honestly and put heart fairly, it is not important whether to get married. Indulged in the sexual gratification of the atmosphere, you will soon lose your head. You like the sweet love, but you are fed up with the routine marriage life. Since you are unprepared to be an employable wife, so you are less likely to enter early marriage.

3. Page of Cups

This card suggests that you began to look forward marriage from childhood,  the charming and considerate prince in romantic fairy tale takes care of the beautiful girls carefully and gently. Such feelings and marriage make you have a great yearning. As you look forward to a romantic marriage, so when you encounter your favorite love object, you will look forward to walk into the marriage hall early. You would beome a good wife and love to do housework. You would be very suitable for early marriage.

4. Ten of Cups

This card suggests that you think that marriage is a major life choice, in addition to both sides should really love each other, but before they get married, you will carefully assess the two people's personalities, educational background and family environment. You will certainly think carefully in face of marriage, but once the other asks for your hand, you might also accept blindly or impulsively. In addition, you think to get the blessings of parents and friends is also very important. As long as both parents can agree, you would be very much looking forward to operating a happy family, so you would belong to the type of early marriage.

5. Ten of Pentacles

This card suggests that you belong to a pragmatic faction. Although you hope to live a happy marriage life, but you also know that marriage must have a stable economic basis, and you are a filial child, you still wish to live with your parents after marriage to share family relationships. Romantic love is not a guarantee of marital happiness for you, only the stable income could give more love in the family. so you would work hard and accumulate more money in youth, so you would choose late marriage.