Tarot Divines If You Could be Linked by Ties of Fate

The love is very complicated. Sometimes the break-up of two people is not because there is no love, and it doesn't mean that fate has been done. It's just a matter of passion, and it's inevitable to regret later. If you're in this situation, you'd like to know if it's possible for you to start again. Let's do the Tarot Divination together to see if you are still destined to be together.

Divination rules: Please relax and say in your heart, "are we still destined to be together?" Then choose one intuitively from the tarot cards below. Be careful not to choose deliberately, not repeatedly.



A: Eight of Pentacles (Inversion)

This tarot shows that it would be possible for you to be together again, but you'd better save the love actively. Emotions are not the reason for breaking up, but because of some realistic problems, such as the material conditions, working condition and so on. If you would start again, you still have to face these factors, they would be the barrier between you. Whether to remove these obstacles could only depend on your determination. Doing things against your will is not a good thing, you'd better ask what you really want, love or material?

B: Inversion of Justice

This tarot shows that your relationship would be continued, but could not last long, and your love could never get the support and recognition of around people. So You would be very likely to become an underground lovers. Although this relationship might be romantic, but in the end you would break up because of a variety of factors. So before choosing again, you'd better know what you really want.

C: Eight of Swords

This tarot shows that your love has become a beautiful memory, even though you would often be immersed in the memory, but it has become the past. So you'd better not be entangled in the past relationships, looking forward, you would have more and better choices.

D: Queen of Cups (Inversion)

This tarot shows that you could not be together. For you, this relationship is over, now you have already gotten other gravity, and also know what you are doing now. You might also occasionally think of him, and would recall some things when you were together, but if you would see him again, you would find out that he is not suitable for you.

E: King of Pentacles(Inversion)

This tarot shows that your current status is "While the dropping flowers pine for love,the heartless brook babbles on". Although you still are yearning for bit by bit when you were together, but the other side has already forgotten you now. At present you've gotten your own life, even if one day you would meet, you might just simply exchange a few words, and would never love each other any more. You'd better be rational, regard this relationship as a permanent memory and continue your current life.