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Tarot divines if you could make up after breaking up with your lover

Love is not always sweet, which also has pain and suffering. The true love is honed in on-and-off. And different people part and meet differently, sometimes separation represents the end of love, sometimes separation represents only a small part on both sides of love, the two can still love each other after passing through this frustration. Do you want to know if you could make up after break up with each other? Is it possible to make up? Then let's do the Tarot Divination to have a look.
Divination rules: Please keep quiet, and meditate: Can I make up after breaking up with your lover? And then choose one from the following four cards intuitively. Do not choose deliberately nor repeatedly.


Ten of Wands(inversion)

Maybe you still can not put down, but maybe you're still determined to resume your conjugal felicity. But it is too tired for you to do so, the road to make up after breaking up with each other is too hard. Maybe the best choice for you is to put down, for you are unlikely to make up.

King of Swords(inversion)

Perhaps the two sides also intend to make up, but the reality is very cruel. From a practical point of view, it is impossible for you to make up, and even the love has been buried deeply in your heart. You'd better consider some realistic things.

The Magician

Maybe you still have contacts with each other now just like good friends, but you have a lake of love. In fact,  it is not difficult for your to make up, but you must break the concept of friendship and add element of love, ortherwise you will be still friends.

King of Cups

Do not doubt, because he still loves you and cares about you, and it is not difficult for both sides to make up, as long as you can accept that maybe he doesn't belong to you at this stage, but he ultimately he will be yours. Wait patiently, it is not difficult to make up.

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