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Tarot divines if you have fate with him or her

Love is a fate, but fate is an ethereal thing, sometimes maybe two people have the fate but can't be together, or the two people get together or even go to the end with very small fate on the surface! If you want to know the fate between you and him or her, then follow the moon to do this Tarot Divination.

Divination rules: Please keep quiet, and meditate the fate between you and him or her, and then choose one from the following four cards intuitively. Be sure not to choose deliberately or repeatedly.

The fool

You both have the fate, as long as you make the effort to do or go with the flow, it is not difficult for both sides to become lovers and get married step by step. Perhaps there is also difficulties and obstacles, but it is at best only experience, as long as you can adhere to, a lot of problems ate not problem, your love fate between is enough, he or she is your fate.

Queen of Swords

Have to say that you have love fate, but not very orthodox fate. The two of you have a bond and also strange line traction when you are together, but it seems that the two sides have this or that unsmooth and difficult, which make you feel very tired, often you want to give up. I have to say you have a fate, just not the kind of orthodox fate.

Inversion of Swords Ten

In fact you have not much fate between, so it is difficult for both parties to come together. Even if you really came together, both of you may also easily get tired and produce friction dispute, it is more difficult to go to the last to get married and have children, there are always various difficult problems in your eyes. And even you get married, the marriage sentiment of both sides is not very stable, if can you choose, you’d better put down, don't let the tangled love life make you depressed all life.

Pentacles Seven

It can be said that you have the fate, is weak positive edge fate. And the two of you may not attract each other very much when you are together, the obstacle of being together of you is not big, but you need to consider the case. In a sense, the biggest obstacle is yourself, you will want to give up or feel that you are unsuitable, and this is the fate disease between you. If can break through, it is not difficult for both sides to be together in the end.

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