Tarot divines if you will be happy after breaking up with him

In some cases, the love will become chicken ribs (tasteless, hesitate to discard), then you always tempted to think: “if I break up with him, will each other be happier?”  And when you hesitate to break up, which indicates that you have not decided to do so, for if you have no love or cherish undying words to him, even without thinking, you will soon broke up! Why you worry about such a problem, it is because deep down in your heart you still have a reluctant. Let the Tarot find a way out by divination for your contradictions and anxious.

Rules: Please relax and meditate: “Is it all right to break up with him?” or “Will I be happy if I break up with him?” or “Is it a good decision to break up with him”? and choose one card from the following intuitively.



Has the ability to change

There's still a chance for you! No matter what had happened to you, no matter how discouraged you now feel, no matter you still have the pain that he used to bring you in heart... please believe, you have the fate! He still cares about and loves you in heart; you can give him a chance, or try to find out the way to get along with him. Even now you feel have no spark, however you may also in the future wipe out the passion of love. Draw this card indicates that all have the opportunity as long as you have confidence and patience, you need to take out the trainer's spirit, don't give up trying, (and is repeatedly try) finally you can tame him.

The Hermit

Two are more lonely than one

Are you really tired of him? Can you really put down or can not stand with him? This card shows, why the relationship will go now is because that a person is too passive, and another one is always busy with own business. You can either choose to forgive, or choose to leave, and the superiority depends on “Where did you love him” and “What can you abandon to have the happiness you want”. For example: if you like independent smart object, you must bear he is often busy; if you like to stable type, do not think he does not love; if you love smart lover, so his interpersonal relationship is very warm, which easy to make you jealous, you have to learn to keep eyes closed eye. Therefore, you should first understand your own love needs before complaining, to think how to get along with him. Then you will make the most intelligent decision for whether to break up or not.

The Hanged Man

Try to separate temporarily

It takes two to tango, this stage you will go to this point, and two of you are responsible. Better, you still wondered “whether should continue, or to break up.” Although the feeling of love seems to be very little, but also feel that you can not let each other go, this kind of contradiction is like “eating chicken, tasteless, hesitate to discard”. In fact, it is because you have lost the freshness, and two people do not know how to actively make fun, coupled with different habits and interests, of course you will gradually alienate. However, you still have something to attract each other, but in the course of time gradually you have forgotten. Suggest that you can try to “short parting” for a while, maybe then you will have different ideas!

The Devil

keep on

You really should separate, but you are not cruel enough and can not understand the true relationship between you, so as the time goes, the old problems did not end, new problems have appeared, it is really endless. Face the reality! The other part is not suitable for you, even just want to use you, even if he shows you the possessive, he just loves himself. Even if he's behaving more care about you, it doesn't mean he doesn't care about another object. You shouldn't tolerate, even can't help him find the reason, you should think more for your own sake, give yourself more chance. Don't hesitate to take courage to break up with him! Next would be better than him.


Make open communication face to face

Breaking up is not the best way, all you need is to communicate face to face, or set the communicating way, let each other trying again. You should say clearly with him without preamble about what you should say, discuss or admitted. For example: you feel doubt for some little things, even jealous, recognition of these really makes you lose face, but in your heart you really mind much....... At this time, you should honestly say out what you feel to him, not keep silence, and not wait for him to confess.


Burning Love

Break up! It's time to the end, no matter what you think, no matter what he says ... ... This relationship is going to end, continue just like shed bad movie trailer, not good for each other. Maybe, you persist a family feeling, but this is different with true partner love, if you put down early, two people can find their own happiness. Breaking up is not difficult, make decision to breaking up is really difficult, if you both still want to use the other side, if the other party uses various forms of violence to stop you, you should try to leave the people. If the other party and you can properly say goodbye, so even if you are breaking up, I believe you will become good friends.

The Chariot

Don't give up

Draw this card indicates that this relationship still has hope, even if with many twists and turns, even if with great hinder. If you still want to maintain, just try to change the method, use right strategy, I believe you can still continue to love. This card also has the meaning of “Come back after defeat”, as long as you don't give up trying, as long as you have the iron heart to love, the difficulties can be improved. (of course, unless your love for him has all gone.) You should not be alone, but should discuss with him about the solution, or find a friend, find an expert to help you. Be brave, don't make negative thinking, as long as you want to get through the fog, you will see the bright blue sky.

The wheel

Go with the flow

If you do not fall in love with others, if he does not do anything make you feel sick or sad, I suggest you to go with the flow, halt the troops and wait. Draw this card indicates that you are not necessary to break up, but also all the fate was arranged for each other, if you have no spark, so tired of this relation, you’d better cool off a bit, feeling in the end will always be attributable to the plain and boring, it needs two people together to create new pleasure to maintain, even by your first program. If hastily you replaced a new object, your ending will be worse!

If you are in love with someone else, or the other has fallen in love with others, then you have no need to struggle, set him free! The true fate will then falls on you.


Clear decision

This tarot tells you that you must believe your own judgment and analysis, even if the analysis at first glance is not necessarily what you imagine, but in the end, your analysis really hit it. Therefore, if you decide to break up, but also you can say the reasons for breaking up, then believe in yourself, break up decisive! It would be a wise choose, as well as the most suitable for your results. If you are still hesitant, or reluctant to benefits that the other brings you, you will fall into the mud and can't get out. Remind you, except to trust your own judgment, and you need to “put down” so as to close to the future happiness!

The Hierophant

Obey the voice within

If you want to break up, you must first make clear: it is you want, or others expect you to break up? Maybe you haven't thought about breaking up, but your parents want you to find a better object, or your friends think this object does not deserve you, so you had to break up motivation. However, this is wrong, you should ask yourself, do I really want to let this man go, and don't let others to manipulate into your feelings.

If you want to break up is because you have so many difficult questions, and you worry about you couldn't find a better object after breaking up, this card advises that you should obey your own voice, and if you feel tired, sad, disappointed, helpless, you should put your foot down to break up, do not go to think “will he promise to break up” or “will he would therefore be affected”, you should take care of yourself, don't assume what others will think, if he really loves you, he will not let you now have breaking up motive, isn't it?