Tarot Divines If You Will Become Lovers


Fate makes two people come together and have a good feeling for each other, but it takes another step to develop into lovers. However, many people are still wandering in this stage, which is just a step away, but it is difficult to break through. Are you in this state right now? Want to know what the result is? Do the Tarot Divination like that and see what the tarot card will give you.

Divination rules: Please relax and meditate: 'Will we become lovers?' and choose one from the following five cards intuitively.

1, Wands Six

This tarot shows that you are very likely to develop into lovers. Recently, the relationship will be great progress, they will give you a clear and positive attitude, want and you formally. Although you have gone through many twists and turns, overcome a lot of difficulties, but you will overcome these resistance process more secure, a little true feeling, put your relationship to the real love on the road.

2, Inversion of Swords Three

This tarot shows that it’s not likely for you to become lovers, you’d better not hold too much hope, while the other side seems to have further development with you, but no action, just verbally about. In the short term, your relationship may not have too much progress, you still need to be patient, when the time is ripe, there will be ripe for the day naturally.

3, Inversion of Page of Pentacles

This tarot shows that it’s difficult for you to become lovers. It’s mainly because the other side just wants to keep in the state of not much if any with you, and does not want to have further development. Love is a two-way street, if you have love, and the other side unintentionally, then it will be very difficult to have the good result. If you can't accept it, I suggest you to make a plan.

4, The Sun

This tarot shows that you two are very likely to develop into lovers. Recently, you two are getting along very well, the two want to let love to be continued, on  the road of developing feeling, you will let each other more cherish this relationship and be more confident to it, if you can have a good development, your love will blossom fruit perfectly one day.

5, Cups Four

This tarot shows that in a short time you two are not likely to become lovers, the relationship between two people is at a turning point, the other side also considered to have further development with you, but there are some difficult obstacle to overcome, being shilly-shally. However, it is not without hope, you can try to understand what knot of the other's heart and help to open it, or it is likely for you to continue.