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Tarot divines if you would be cheated in love?

Maybe there are many such kind of people who encountered failure in love and cried in front of you, they raved against the other's heartless and their losses. At this time you'd better silently act as a listener. You may also wonder: I had warned you before, what's the use of crying now? But would you also make the same mistake? If you want to know the answer, let's do the Tarot Divination. Please use the peace of mind and choose one from the cards……


A: Seven of Cups

Believed the other half too much

“Love is trust, love is absolute without reason!" You would seldom think of reality in love, you could not plan for yourself. Your love would be Christ-fashioned. You would only wake up from dream until you were finally cheated out of money.

B: Four of Pentacles

Accepted all without knowing how to refuse

You would think that the other half is your support, this is the upgraded version of excessive trust. You would not even ask your lover to promise, and you would do anything for your lover. You would be the other half's servant.

C: Four of Cups

self-isolation, social insulator

You would hide in your own world without coming out, and you would thnk when you found the other half that it was really too good! You could find a person to help you contact with the outside world. But this has hidden the foreshadowing -- you became a private resources to your lover, and could not know what the person was doing outside for you or for your lover?

D: Five of Swords

You would never be cheated!

You could know the world and be good at calculating carefully and budgeting strictly. You could be the ever-victorious general in love, You could have a lot of strange ideas. It would be very difficult for your lover to cheat you!

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