Tarot divines if you would be fit for early marriage or late marriage

Tarot divination rules: Keep calm state of mind and say to yourself: "Am I fit for early marriage or late marriage?" And choose one from the following four cards in the seat of your pants. Do not choose deliberately nor repeatedly.


Option 1: Three of Swords

Divination results: You would be more suitable for late marriage. You would be very insecure in love, you would either get married for the first love, or you might experience many times. You would only get married at the age of marriage. And you might choose to marry later if you did not succeed for the first time. A failed relationship would develop resistance to love. You would get married after a period of dating even for your true love.

Option 2: The Moon

Divination results: You might have poor self-control and could not stand other people's rhetoric. You would be very likely to accept the proposal as long as the lover could be romantic enough to catch your hear. And you might even forget to consider the period during which you are in together.  You would be more fit for early marriage because only love freshness and marriage happiness could completely trap you. You would not be fit for a protracted love, but you could protect a wonderful marriage.

Option 3: Justice

Divination results: You would be a very rational person, and you would not easily talk about marriage, and you would not fall in love easily too. You would try to get married once you fell in love. You could not keep the relationship for long time without good result. You would not care much about early marriage or late marriage. You would get ready for marriage if only you fell in love with someone. When to get marriage depends on your lover.

Option 4: Death

Divination results: Generally speaking your initial idea would be early marriage. But you would be more fit for late marriage. Early marriage are late marriage are all fit for you if you could find a good object. Emotionally you would be a very stubborn and impulsive person. You would like to get married with your love object. You might completely lose yourself in love. You would only gradually understand what is true love after a failed love. It would be suitable for you to reconsider marriage after you got mature.