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Tarot divines if you would be winner in love?

It seems a bit difficult to define who wins and who loses in love, but at least you know your current relationship status. " Those closely involved cannot see clearly. " After all, only the onlookers can help you take your pulse, can know where you lose and win? If you want to know the answer, just do the Tarot Divination


A: The Hierophant

You are blessful to choose the card, because your partner has a super good temper, he ( she ) is willing to forgive you and understand you for everything, you have the final say on all things in love, he ( she ) is too lazy to care and argue with you. If you are a girl, you can show off cleverness, and play your little temper, he would not blame you for your innocent, he would only take care of you carefully like sweat heart. If you are a boy, you should pay attention to your garrulous habit, since you are the man!


B: The Devil

Though grandpa Mao said: the regime is out of a gun. Where is the gun coming from? You would be the master of your family, because you manage all the economic and fiscal powers, you can get whatever you want!

C: Ace of Pentacles

The dispute is the homely food in your feelings, although you think your eloquence is very good, but you still have to show the white feather in front of him ( her ). Or you say too much secretly, when you face the person, you just can't think of anything! So this person seems to be able to conquer you, you'd better be quiet from now on!

D: The Hanged Man

Some people think they can haggle over every ounce in love, although they can not haggle 100% accurately, but you have to admit that you love the other more. If so, then there is no win or loss, love has no return.

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