Tarot divines if you would have a good love fortune recently

Love relies on fate most of the time, you would have love fortune when fate comes. You might meet your life partner in a seemingly fluke. Do you want to know if you could have good love fortune recently? Let's do the Tarot divination.

Divination rules: Please relax and meditate "Will I have a good love fortune recently?”, and then choose one from the following four cards by the seat of your pants.


A: King of Wands

This Tarot shows that you would be likely to have good love fortune recently, and your lover might be among your colleagues or friends, this person would have very good impression on you, and this person could also meet your terms, if you look closely, you would find out.

B: Six of Swords

This Tarot shows that you are not likely to have good love fortune recently. Maybe you have just ended a love affair, have not come out from the past emotion, so even if the good love fortune appears, you could not ignore. So if you want to experience a really suitable good lover, then you must put down the past love.

C: Two of Cups

This Tarot shows that your love fortune would be very prosperous recently, although you have not yet met a good lover, but as long as you go out to walk around and take part in some parties, and it is easy to find a good lover.

D: The Fool

This Tarot shows that there’s a lower likelihood for you to encounter a good lover. You’re a simple, pure-hearted people. This is your advantage, but sometimes too trusting people makes you eat a lot of loss. Emotional sincerity does not mean to suffer at the mercy.  When you encounter love fortune, you must carefully make sure that it is good or bad, and it’s not late to start association.