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Tarot divines if you would still have chance to have a love affair in this year?

Before divining you'd better make sure this question is just your problem, useless question could only make you confused. Please meditate:" Can I still have chance to have a love affair in this year?”

Please note that this divination can only done once for every three months!


1. Queen of Cups(Inversion)

When you choose this card you need to ask yourself if you are really want to  have a love affair?You would close yourself. Although you might shout that you want to have a love affair, but you have not be ready to accept a new lover. How could you really have a love affair in such circumstances? Would you be happy to do so? You'd better adjust your mind-set before falling in love again.

2. Nine of Cups

This card shows that the reason you could not have a love affair would be the standard. You are a spoon-fed guy and have rather high standards for the object to fall in love with, In particular you would require in some place that need not to request, which might let people yield and withdraw so as to avoid a conflict. In such cases,  even if the person paid a lot, you still could not feel his/her heart. So you could not have a real relationship.

3. The Stars

This card shows that you should keep the mind and try to do. In this year you would be very likely to have opportunity to have a love affair. You would have more opportunities than others. You would be longing to fall in love. But longing is just longing, if you could not put those fantasy into reality nor truly understand and experience, these people would disappear again.  You absolutely would have chance to have a love affair. You'd better actually go ahead and stand on solid ground to achieve. Then you would find your beautiful romance.

4. Six of Wands

This card shows that although you could have chance to have a love affair, but you could not have time to fulfill. This year is the brewing year for your career and love. You would have some good performance at work, but it would influence your love's performance. It does not mean you have no suitable opposite sex to fall in love with, but you could not have too much time and effort to operate. And you haven't be reaaly to fall in love too. But you need not have to worry too much, your lover is always waiting for you. You would have a good love affair until you get ready to face.

5. Judgement(Inversion)

This card shows the chance to fall in love would be very high. You'd better pay attention to the people around you, for you would be very likeyly to fall in love with someone you're familiar with in this year. You did not have the fate at that time, or didn't attract each other. After meeting again, you would have some strange feelings.  But from another point of view, this relationship could not be so smooth, you must pass a considerable test. You two must pass through these difficulties to have a good love affair.