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Tarot divines if your love would end

Sweet love sometimes makes people full of energy and do things with high spirit. And sometimes it makes people lose themselves, even make no attempt to make progress. Therefore, no matter how strong your love is, you should not lose reason, or after the passion is past, the only left is bitterness. Are you in love? How is your love? Will it possibly end? Let’s do tarot divination to see what inspiration will give you.

Divination rules: Please relaxyourself and meditate: “Will our love end?” and choose one form the following cards intuitively. You'd beter do this once in three months!

1. Seven of Wands

This tarot shows that your love would not end at present, but you've haven some problems with each other. You would be likely to break up in the future if not solved these problems in time. As the saying goes, it's easy to love but hard to get along. The flower of love needs nurturing and irrigating. Your love would wither sooner or later if you do not pay attention to maintenance and care. You’d better create some romance and surprise for your love, maybe both sides would find the first feeling of love.

2. Ten of Wands 

This tarot shows that your relationship would be likely to end. Because you two are overwhelmed by reality and survived hardly for survival, you are too tired to care about the other's feeling and attitude. You might only feel yourself really need more care of the other side. When love comes into this situation, both sides lost understanding, care and tolerance, then there is no reason to continue the relationship any more.


3. Inversion of Devil

This tarot shows that you would confront with the danger of death and you would fight to live. Because both of you would have the wrong direction from the beginning of love.  You could not encourage each other to go upward, but would blindly immerse in the sweet love without thinking of work. You would drag each other. Although you mgiht seemingly no longer be passionate with love, but you could just calm down to adjust each other's mind. You'd better put main energy back to the normal life and work, so your love could develop more long-term.

4. Five of Cups

This tarot shows that your love would not end at present. Maybe at this time, your love could not be so warm as past, but it would not mean the end. Only one side would be forced temporarily to turn the attention to the other direction.  After all is finished, you would love and treat the other side seriously as before. While the other side also would know this situation, and would leave in situ to wait. You'd bettter not disturb.  After this period is past, your love would be sweeter.

5. Three of Pentacles(Inversion)

This tarot shows that you two could not know how to continue your love. Now you would be helpless on this relationship, because you could not see the future. So it would be reluctant to maintain this relationship, and you might feel empty in hearts. What you mostly should do at present would be to calm down and think about whether the other person is suitable and whether there is possibility to be together?  If the answer is no, you’d better end the relationship earlier.

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