Tarot divines if your lover could give you the happiness you want

Tarot divination rule: Keep calm state of mind and think of the person, then meditate: "Can the person give the happiness I want?" And then select one from the following four cards in the seat of your pants. Do not choose deliberately nor repeatedly.



Option 1: The Stars

Tarot divination results: The person probably could not give the happiness you want. But he/she is making efforts towards this direction. And he/she could be very likely to give the happiness you want! This person is very potential.


Option 2: Eight of Swords

Tarot divination results: It would be absolutely difficult to get the happiness you want! This person plainly could not know what's the happiness. You'd better not be unambitious.


Option 3: The Empress

Tarot divination results: Rest assured! This person would give the happiness you want. You'd better understand and feel hardly and catch he/she as soon as possible. You would feel regret if you missed the person!


Option 4: The Devil(inversion)

Tarot divination results: I believe you also have experience that the person gives you both pain and happiness. Sometimes the person might make you feel very happy, but sometimes he/she definitely make you feel very painful, so it is up to you how to choose friends.