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Tarot divines if your lover could understand your heart

Love is the eternal theme of life. The people in love all want to know how much the lovers would love them? They also want to know if the lovers would understand their hearts. If your lover can understand you, then the person can learn your well-being and can comfort and cherish you when you need it the most. So you would be the happiest person in the world. Do you want to know if your lover could understand you? Then let's do the Tarot Divination find the answer.

Diviantion Rules: Meditate your lover and choose one from the following four cards. Do not choose deliberately.



Your lover's Index of understanding you: ☆☆☆

Your lover would care about you very much, though sometimes your lover might seem cold, but the other would think a lot for you in the heart in fact. Although he could know you, but he could not necessarily do and think everything for you as you want. Or he would seem not understand you and know your heart from the surface, but he could understand your careful thoughts, but he might wish you to have more exercises, or perhaps he was just lazy. Sometimes his action would be much less than his thoughts for you! You'd better forgive him.

Your lover's Index of understanding you: ☆☆☆☆

Perhaps the harmonious relation between lover and you would be the most proud thing for you, which would always feel fresh and natural with full of fun. Do you know that it is because your lover’s understanding to you played a big role? Your lover could understand your preferences and your character, so your lover could adjust the most suitable way for getting along with you and your most liked thing, which could make you get along so well and happy. So you'd better be good to your dear.


Your lover's Index of understanding you: ☆

When you contact with your lover, perhaps you would often complain that he/she was busy with his/her own things and did things he/she liked, and your lover did not put much energy on you. Maybe your lover now could not be not mature, and did not think about a lot of things too much, and would often ignore you due to do his/her own doing. Your lover couldn't takes the time to understand you. And perhaps you would be tired together with such a lover, why don't you have more understanding about your lover? You would get return once your lover could get mature one day.


Your lover's Index of understanding you: ☆☆

Does your lover often give you a feeling of stability? Does your lover find your sadness afterwards and then to coax you too late? Is your lover always so simple? Does your lover often have some strange behaviors?  Your lover's character is some out of tune. In fact, your lover would care about you and love you very much, but perhaps this person might be more careless. Your lover might really feel at a loss what to do about your need and anger. Although your lover could not very understand you, but the person would love strongly.