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Tarot divines if your lover really loves you?

People in love are enjoying the sweet love, at the same time will also have a little uncomfortable in heart, they may worry about the lovers are not really love themselves, some people may even take various measures to test the lovers. If you also have this worry, then let's do the tarot divination to make sure if your lover really loves you.

Divination rules: Please relax and meditate" Does my lover really love me?" and choose one from the following six cards by the seat of your pants.



The Devil

This card indicates that your lover does not love you. I don't know whether you are aware of that he is slowly drifting apart from you, although he found many excuses, but it doesn't change the fact  that he doesn't love you. Maybe the love energy has been exhausted, may be he found that you are not appropriate to be together, the relationship is very difficult to continue. If you do not want to let yourself too painful, you'd better end the relationship.

Seven of Pentacles

This card indicates that your relationship is subjected to cruel test. At present, you face a lot of resistance against you, your parents are against, the other's family burden is too heavy, two people gather less and separate more, and there are much pressure at work, etc.. These aspects of resistances make your lover overwhelmed, some want to beat a retreat. Let it be, you would eventually come together if you really have fate.

Queen of Wands

This card indicates that your lover is a little playful, he likes to say flattering words to let opposite sex get itchy in heart, but he will not take action, some people feel at a loss. You must remind yourself not to take it too seriously for his every word. You'd better cope with shifting events by sticking to a fundamental principle.

The Sun

This card indicates that you are quarrelsome lovers type with your lover, although you have different personalities, but you can attract each other. Although you like each other very much, and all want to let the other party to make a change in order to meet your own requirements. The result is that two people often have conflict, and quarrel continuously. However, it is also the conflict that weared in your relationship, both sides will become better and better. Marriage is the ultimate goal and wish for your relationship.

Knight of Cups

This card indicates that your lover is a sentimental person, you're not the only one in the other's heart, although your love is romantic, care and tenderness of your lover will let you enjoyable very much. However, you must confirm that whether there are other people who are also enjoying the same love except you.  

The Lovers

This card indicates that your lover loves you very much, also you love him too, you care about each other very much. Your relationship is very rare, you must cherish each other. Of course, both sides may have conflicts sometimes, but as long as you hold a tolerant heart, any problems can be solved.