Tarot divines if your lover would be unfaithful to you

Tarot rules: Keep calm state, and say to yourself: "Is my lover unfaithful to me?" and select one from the following four cards with intuition. Do not make a deliberate or repeated selection.


Option 1: Queen of Pentacles(inversion)

Tarot Divination Results: Your lover would not be unfaithful very much, but the self-control might be very poor, so your lover could not stand temptation. Your lover would be likely to cheat you. You'd better not give this person more chance, and then manage his money to greatly reduce the chances of having an affair.

Option 2: Page of Swords

Tarot Divination Results: Your lover would be very unfaithful and would be very easy to have an idea of the opposite sex. He might not have an affair easily, but he would occasionally make some ambiguous action, or deliberately get close to the other sex!

Option 3: Nine of Wands

Tarot Divination Results: Your lover would be very faithful. He would have a relatively strong sense of responsibility. Even if surrounded by suitors, he would not lose himself. However, once he attached to someone one day, he must have fallen in love with the person.

Option 4: Four of Swords

Tarot Divination Results: Your lover might be unfaithful but he had no courage to have an affair. So he would only have fantasy in mind, but he would not put in action. Because he knew that it would be troublesome to have an affair. So it would not be likely for your lover to cheat you in love.