Tarot divines if your lover would be wicked?

Tarot divination rules: Keep calm state and say to yourself: "Is my lover wicked?'and select one from the following four cards with intuition, Do not make a deliberate or repeated selection.





Option 1: The Hierophant

Tarot divination results: Your lover might be a little "wicked", this person would look to the future for everything, would not take into account the ideas of others, and would pursue his/her own desires and interests blindly.  You'd better pay attention to get along with this kind of person. You shoud not blindly be obedient to your lover. You'd better firmly control your lover's desires.


Option 2: The Hanged Man

Tarot divination results: Your lover would be a very honest person. He/She would remain faithful to you. Such a person is very worthwhile to get along. Your lover would never play tricks to friends and this person would treat you frankly. You' better grasp if you met such a lover.

Option 3: Justice

Tarot divination results: Your lover would be a very nice person. This person would have personal principles to deal with people. He/She would never be too good or bad for certain people particularly. Your lover would be very righteous in personality. Deeds accord with words. You would feel ease and comfortable with this person.

Option 4: Judgement

Tarot divination results: Your lover would not be a wicked person, but the human nature would still be manifested in time. Sometimes your lover might act a little bad. This person could have stronger interpersonal skills. You lover would not only like to contact with different people, but also could understand how to deal with different people. Thus your lover would be very agreeable by heterosexual love, you'd better be careful.