Tarot divines if your lover would change his mind

Love is not always sweet, sometimes impulsive and irrational. When two people have the intense contradiction, talk is often not through the brain, you may say the words that can mostly vent your hatred, probably these dyslogistic terms hurt two people into the cold quarrel even broke up. But afterwards and calm down, you will regret, but no one wants to make mistake due to face, and hope that the other side to change mind about and actively come back. Do you have such thoughts? Can your lover take the initiative to come back? If you’re interested, then just do the Tarot Divination to see how the Moon is to say.

Note: This divination is just for people who break up shortly before, friends who broke up more than 3 months or years without contact are not listed here.

Divination rules: Please keep calm and meditate to yourself “Will my lover take the initiative to come back?” and choose one from the following four cards intuitively. Remember not to choose deliberately and repeatedly.


Inversion of Queen of Swords

This tarot shows that probability of taking the initiative to change the mind about of your lover is very small, perhaps your feelings has been very deep rift between you two, it is very difficult to let your lover come back like before, the relationship between two people is likely to be cold.

Inversion of Pentacles Three

This tarot shows that there is the possibility for your lover to come back, but is also not quite sure. One is that it needs very long time, the two is to see if there is distraction or the opposite sex of your lover, if appear, then the probability of changing mind about is very small.

Wands Seven

This tarot shows that at this stage you both seem to still have gap, no one are unwilling to take the initiative to make concessions. In the absence of special situation, it is hard for your lover to actively return to you, unless you take the initiative, or someone mediated.


This tarot shows that your lover is sure to change mind about and take the initiative to come back to you. Originally the conflict between you is not too large, both of you are still in love with each other, so your cold lasts a maximum of one or two days, at last your love cannot help but take the initiative to contact you.