Tarot divines if your solemn pledge of love has gone bad

Love needs to retain freshness, and time is the biggest enemy, any deep feelings will come cold slowly with time, and lack verve. And can your solemn vows and pledges withstand the time of baptism? If you are interested, let’s do this Tarot Divination to see if your once solemn pledge of love has gone bad.

Divination rules: Please relax and meditate: "Has the solemn pledge of love gone bad?" and choose one from the following four cards by the seat of your pants. Do not choose repeatedly nor deliberately.


Four of Swords 

This tarot indicates that you seldom think of a solemn pledge of love now, perhaps because you’re together for a long time, perhaps a busy life makes you have no time to think of. In fact your solemn pledge of love does not go very bad, it is like being forgotten. Remember, love needs to retain freshness, if you do not pay attention to take care of it, love will soon go bad.

Judgement (Inversion)

This tarot indicates that your agreement is often mentioned, although this solemn pledge of love is not warm like just beginning, but it is very important in your hearts, so do not worry, it will not go bad.

King of Wands(Inversion)

This tarot shows that although you still remember this promise, but you no longer insist of it, even sometimes you've still remembered, but you would deliberately avoid. Your solemn pledge of love has gone bad.


This tarot shows that although both sides still remember this promise, however, from some kind of angle, two people are more pragmatic, and will not blindly pursue love and give up everything. So you are not very true in the face of your solemn pledge of love, but as long as conditions permit, you will still adhere to this agreement, perhaps this is the most reasonable and the best choice.