Tarot divines what kind of a man you will marry



Any woman wants to marry a man with both ability and loving her dearly, and a lifetime of happiness will be guaranteed. But not all women have such a blessing, and the more expectation, the more disappointment. Do you want to know what kind of man you marry? Then do the Tarot divination.

Divination rules: Please relax, say to yourself " what Kind of a man I will marry?”, and then choose one from the following four cards intuitively.


A: The Magician

This tarot shows that you’d have married a man with great potential for development. Maybe when you met him, he is just a wage-earner, and there is no economic basis, but he is in a dream, ambitious and has the courage to pursue his dreams. If he could meet a good judge of talent, and he would create a career before long. Therefore, you should not be confused by some surface phenomenon, if you like him, then to support him; you must get ahead one day.

B: Strength

This Tarot shows that you a stronger person, and everything must be done best, which can not be worse than the others. Your ideal partner must be a successful career, looking outstanding. But things are often backfire, the more we want, the more difficult to obtain. Therefore, the man you married is likely to not good at work, looks nothing excels, but he is a man knowing how to love a woman. Therefore, he is perhaps not your ideal man, but is most suitable for you. Just what angle you are to look at him.

C: The Sun

This Tarot shows that your most annoying kind is an unpromising man, for your own ability is not that strong, so you are looking for a man with strong ability, as you are able to have a sense of security and your life is to be able to be guaranteed. Therefore, you must find the partner in accordance with your own requirements, so you must marry a man not be a mediocrity.

D: The Fool

This Tarot shows that you're likely to marry a man does not get anything. Because you are born with a strong maternal traits, the other is more shiftless, will be more aroused your compassion, more will make you want to help him, to protect him and take care of him. Your pay makes him enjoy the fruits of others without having toiled, and more make no attempt to make progress. If you want to be a nanny and maid of his life, then marry him, otherwise you must be very prudent.