Tarot divines what kind of man you are together with, your happiness is the strongest

Tarot rules: Keep calm state and say to yourself: "what kind of man you are together with, your happiness is the strongest?" and select one from the following four cards with intuition.  Do  not make a deliberate or repeated selection.


Option 1: Justice

Tarot Divination Results: You would be the most happiest to live with a man giving you a sense of security In the life. He would take excellent care of you and very homely. You would not worry about him, he would never cheat you and would always belong to you. It is better for you to find a reliable man than a rich man. At least he could know how to cherish you. As long as you could work hard, you would not worry about food and clothing.

Option 2: The Hanged Man

Tarot Divination Results: A man sharing your troubles as well as your joys could make you happy to life together. A friend in need is a friend indeed.  As long as he felt you treat him with true heart, he would never forget ever tasted bitter with you. He would worship you as god when he got rich one day. You would not reap without sowing.

Option 3: The Chariot

Tarot Divination Results: If you're looking for a lover, you'd better find the right person. You'd better not be too focused on his family background. An industrious and motivated man could bring you a happy and comfortable life. If his family were very wealthy, while he were very lazy, so you could not say together for long.  You'd better not seek immediate interests. After all, two people would live a lifetime.

Option 4: The Empress

Tarot Divination Results: A smart woman would choose a man loving her, she would make sure she would be happy. So you'd better find a lover who could you very much. Even if he is not rich, but you could be helpful to your husband. You could make your husband have a good fortune to let you live a comfortable and happy life.