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Tarot divines what pressure you will face recently

No matter what you are optimistic and open-minded or pessimistic and sensitive, as long as to live in this world will inevitably face pressure. But each person may face different pressure because of different fate and heart's desire, and everyone will have different attitudes in face of pressure also because of each other's character is different. Do you want to know what pressure you will face with the recent period of time? Let’s do this Tarot Divination.

Please relax and choose one card you best like from below intuitively.


1, The High Priestess

Too perfect, bring trouble on yourself

Your requirements in a lot of time are too perfect, especially you have many ideas for your figure, performance, and all kinds of things that can be seen, these ideas are very good, but it is a bit more than you can do, or need more time.

But you very much hope that they can do these things as soon as possible, let yourself become the pink of perfection, however these high requests but make you into high pressure, so you tend to frown. To remember to ask for perfection is not much wrong, but you need the right approach and enough time!

2, Cups Five

Love is faced with some variables

The emotional aspects recently relatively are easy to bring you some trouble, you are very attached to a promise and communication to the other, but recently the communication between you is not very good, or you will have more arguments, remember to keep rational and should not be too impatient!

The single is easy to meet that the lovers change to love someone else, or the person you like refused your confession; all these are easy to make you feel great pressure. But it's also a favorable turn; you might as well go find another heart love. Close a door, there is a window open for you, happiness will come!

3, Inversion of Pentacles Eight

More money bring more trouble

Money problem is your recent trouble thing, you are really very hard to make money, including investment banking or do some small business, you will work hard to do anything that can be profitable, but your investment performance and business recently are not very good, which let you have point of fear.

I'm afraid you need to study your portfolio and business content, is there anything you didn’t make clear or operating is no more than expected part? Or did you spend what not to spend money or spend money without a good recovery? You need to reset all situations, the trouble will a lot less.

4, The Fool

Keep peaceful and satisfactory will make you no pressure

Recently, you won't have much pressure temporarily, a part is you have no big problem around, not easy to have what not good accident suddenly fell, and life is dull and ordinary, and there is not too much desire and special thoughts, so you live a free happy life.

On the other hand is you are a people who feel good about yourself, or should say is that you will always try to transform and resolve the pressure, even if the heaven is down you think there will be a high one to stand, this character of putting pressure release out can make you have less troubles and of course can live a happy life!

5, Wands Seven

There are many competitors and competitions

Competitions in working situation are so very much, colleagues' performance is also very good, give you a lot of pressure especially in the work of the business, recently you can have more and more pressures. Because not only colleagues but also interbank competition and struggle are very much, let you like in battlefield everyday.

Every day the work makes you tired and spend yourself, you're not afraid to face the competition, however the pressure layer by layer down, it is easy to let your spirit too tight. Perhaps the work pressure is inevitable, but after work you should try to treat yourself a little better, remember to eat a good cooking or doing the SPA in order to let yourself relax.