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Tarot divines what would you be most like to ridicule for?

Tarot divination rules: Keep calm state of mind and meditate: "What would I be most like to ridicule for?" and then choose one from the following four cards in the seat of your pants. Do not choose deliberately nor repeatedly.



Option 1: Seven of Pentacles

Tarot divination result: Under normal circumstances when you get along with others, you would pay more attention to the other's appearance and knowledge, and therefore when you exchange with the other, you like to ridicule for something. You will complain a lot.


Option 2: Two of Wands

Tarot divination result: In fact, under normal circumstances you do not like to ridicule, but once the other poked your critical defect, you would ridicule. For you, your this point is expressed on the unknown things. If the person is about to open a new project, and the way makes you feel unbearable, then you would be very likely to ridicule!


Option 3: Four of Swords(inversion)

Tarot divination result: You would hardly ridicule. In face of most people, even if you could not bear the person's words, you would not have too much expression. But in fact, in front of familiar person you would be very likely to ridicule. You could be looked as a super man to ridicule, perhaps you like to express all your ideas in front of your friends.


Option 4: The Hierophant(inversion)

Tarot divination result: You would prefer to ridicule for some authority such as teacher's and elder's words. But you would only ridicule in the heart silently, and would not directly say it out. So only the fmiliar people could know that you have such an interesting habit.