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Tarot Divines What's Bothering Your Lover Recently

Do you think your lover has been worried about something recently? Ask him and get nothing? Is it inconvenient for him to tell you what he is thinking recently? Let's do the Tarot Divination.

Divination rules: Please relax and say to yourself, "what's bothering my lover recently?" , then intuitively choose one of the cards below. Remember, this divination can only be performed once in three months.


Knight of Cups (inversion)

This tarot shows that your lover would be facing with some troubles currently. Maybe you did not love each other so deep, and could not find the original feeling with each other, all these factors might make your lover puzzled and know nothing to do, he really could not know how to get along with you. If you don't want to give up your love, you'd better encourage your lover to communicate with you frankly, and you should try hard to adjust to save your love.

The World

This tarot shows that your lover would be thinking of the future at present, including your love of course. But what your lover would care about most is the life planning, such as what to do or what not to do. Now your lover might not need your help, this guy would let you know after he found the answer himself. So you'd better wait quietly until your lover wants to tell you one day.

Four of Wands

This tarot shows that your lover would be thinking of the future of two people currently, your lover would be planning to set up a family with you. You might not believe, but your lover would do so indeed. You might wonder about why your lover didn't discuss with you? In fact, your lover really wants to discuss with you, just unknowing how to start, or it is not so suitable to tell you at present. You'd better wait patiently.

King of Cups

This tarot shows that your lover would be thinking of some practical problems currently, such as the expenses to maintain the relationship, any difficulties two people might meet in the future. These things do not matter much with your love, they are just your lover's personal thought, so your lover would not tell you. You'd better give your lover some space, do not always ask, you should make your lover feel more eased.

The Chariot (inversion)

This tarot shows that your lover would be facing wth some life challenges at present, while trying to figure out a way to solve. Your lover would be facing with some very difficulty problems, and even thrilling things, which would be very likely to affect the future development of your lover, so your lover might feel great pressure at present. You'd better spend more time with your lover, also give some reasonable suggestions. You should handle this matter quietly or divert your lover's attention as could as possible. It is the best way for your lover to forget it.