Tarot divines where is your true love?

Are you still single? Are you struggling to find your own true love? If you are interested in, you'd better do this Tarot Divination to have a look how you can find your true love.

Divination rules: Please relax and say to yourself "How to find my true love?" and click one card from the following four cards intuitively. Do not choose deliberately nor repeatedly.


A: Seven of Cups (Inversion)

This Tarot shows that although you want to find a loved people, then bid farewell to a single, but the action is not positive, only are waiting for fate to come itself. You only have a wish without action, it is very difficult for you to find your true love. You should let yourself positively, participate in some friend's party, walk out of the room, your true love is not far away from you.

B: Page of Wands (Inversion)

This Tarot indicates that you have a urgent desire to find your true love, just like haste and does not reach. Don't see a good sex and eager to pursue, there must be a gradual process of communication, determine both sides have good impression and it is not late to take action to pursue. Otherwise, even if you found true love, also it is easy to scare off the other by your urgent heart.

C: King of Cups (Inversion)

This Tarot indicates that your situation is 'Find him thousands of times in the world, suddenly look back, he is just in the spotlight' at present. Your true love would be the one who is always with you and cares about you, but whom you could not care about. You'd better pay attention to your friends and colleagues, I believe you will find your own true love soon.

D: Swords Four

This Tarot indicates that your true love have not appeared at present, you would have to wait for a period of time. When will he or she appear depends on the fate. You'd better put your focus on work, when the time is ripe, the fate would come to you. You will meet your true love accidentaly.