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Tarot divines where would your marriage come from

Do you want to know where your marriage would come from? Please relax and say to yourself 'Where will my marriage come from? ', and choose one from the following cards with intuition and then see answer immediately.



A: The Hierophant

Your true marriage would actually come from the eldership or family. If you're still single now and you would like to get married very much, you'd better listen to the views of family's arrangement. Introduction by parents, relatives and friends or blind date would bring good luck to you!

B: Three of Cups

The friend is your most valuable resource, you would like to get along with friends, and your marriage would come from them. You'd better participate in the gathering of friends more often if you're free, your prince might be hidden in them, which would bring you a good marriage!

C: Eight of Pentacles(Inversion)

Your marriage would mostly come from work environment. He might come to your life due to your work relationships. So you'd better not worry about. You would find your lover as long as you could work hard.

D: The Fool

In life you pursue self. In the general population, it would be very hard to meet good lover. Your marriage would be arranged by God, your marriage would come to you by a lucky coincidence. If your current life seems trite and insignificant, you'd better spare some time to arrange travel, your lover might drop from the sky!