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Tarot divines where you would meet your love

Spring is coming, the singles should come out and walk. Do not always stay at home. You'd better create more opportunities to interact with people if you want to develop your romance. So you would meet your favorite object.  Do you want to know where you would encounter your love recently? Then let's do the Tarot divination.

Divination rules: You'd better relax yourself and say to yourself “where will I meet my romance recently?” and choose one card from the following intuitively.


A: The Magician

This tarot shows that you might possibly encounter your love in some places of learning. You are an introvert and conservative person. It’s rather difficult for you to meet the opposite sex initiatively. But you could contact with the opposite sex by opportunities of learning and attending class, so you could communicate with opposite sex naturally. You might develop from classmates to friends to lovers, one step at a time. Make yourself a little more generous. Do not always close yourself up.

B: Three of Pentacles

This tarot shows that you would be likely to encounter your love at work place. You are a workaholic, work is more important than any one thing for you. You might have missed a lot of good chance because of work even at the love and romance age.  If you don't want to let yourself down to be a single, you'd better pay more attention to colleagues and customers, and you might probably meet someone you like. If you think you are not good at speaking sugared words nor making the romantic atmosphere, then you'd better show your professional work ability, then you would be the most fascinating person.

C: The Empress

This tarot shows that you might meet your love in some places of entertainment recently. You are an attractive person. You often go to some club, PUB, BAR and other places of entertainment. In such relaxed occasions, you would carefully dress yourself up, and naturally you could release your power because you have the potential to idol charm. In the club, PUB, BAR and other occasions, you could naturally attract the other with your sense of humor. Also you would be easy to love the person with the good shape, good study, high work ability, and to be able to play. You are so charming that you could meet with vigorous love.

D: The Wheel

This tarot shows that you might meet your love when travelling abroad or at network. You have always dreamed of communicating with foreigners. You would usually put the chains mask away when travelling abroad and become lively and open a lot. So that you would have more chance to know people you like. If you don't often go abroad, so you would probably meet good object in Internet chat rooms or dating sites. The other would be moved by your humorous, fluent style of writing. You would fall in love mutually along with communicating ideas with each other.

E: The Stars

This tarot shows that you would be likely to encounter your true love by introduction of friend recently. You are more of a shy person, so you might not purpue intimately even in the face of your loved one or your external conditions are very good. You need someone to help you act as a go-between in the middle, and twisted to speak the word of praise, and make some opportunity for you, and then you could make some action. Your true love would appear recently. You'd better ask your friends to help you if you meet good heterosexual.