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Tarot divines whether you are mawkish

For those in love, once found they are mawkish in fact, and the others didn't like them. That kind of feeling is really bad! Are you currently in this kind of situation? If you’re interested, let's do the Tarot Divination to have a look.
Divination rules: Please keep quiet, make sure the specified person you want to divine, and meditate if you are specified, and choose one from the following five cards. Do not choose deliberately or repeatedly.

The Hanged Man

This tarot indicates that it seems you really care about the other side very much; even in your heart you have the state of mind to do anything for the other side. But you are some specified to this person. Your pay is to wait for the rewards. You really need to pay attention to such state of mind. To tell the truth the other side doesn't necessarily care about your devotion. Don't become depressed if you can not be rewarded.

The Star

This tarot tells you that you have imagination and expectation to the person, and this expectation in fact has certain unrealistic and too over-valuation factors. But expectation is just expectation, you are not that mawkish person, and you will not think of too much about the other side. But you need to pay attention to some of the person's expectations, otherwise it is difficult for you to turn back when you dream too much.


Ten of Wands(inversion)

This tarot tells you that you’re a little lazy to this person from some kind of angle, you will not spend effort to try to figure out, nor do what deliberately to make both sides have further development. Then the possibility of be mawkish is smaller. You keep happy-go-lucky attitude when contacting with the other, in fact you also want to do something or make some actions, but you are afraid of being hurt and also you are lazy, so it seems that you do not care too much.

Page of Pentacles

You treat him very practical from some kind of angle. You will not do too much boundless speculation, you will not think of too much. Of course, you still have romantic cells in get along with this person, you make forward in a firmly and steady state when contacting with the other, so there’s no need to worry if you are mawkish.

Queen of Swords(inversion)

Watch out! You are always hard to restrain yourself to think about the person. And your idea is often one-sided without reliable conjecture! And you are very mawkish to this person from some kind of angle! Do you often feel that he(she) does not care about you?  Do you feel that he(she) is not good enough for you? Do you make temper or mope then? You need to change and recognize the situation, don't think that how the other should treat you, otherwise it’s difficult to continue your love.

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