Tarot divines whether you can develop into lovers

Fate between people is very strange, sometimes two people are familiar with each other for very long time, but only keep in the friend stage and unable to develop into further relationships; sometimes two people are familiar with only a few days, but can put on a pageantry of love. Are you two familiar with each other for a long time? Do you want to know whether you can develop into lovers? Then do the tarot divination to see what it will say.


1, Inversion of The Lover

This tarot shows that it is unlikely for you two to become lovers, and you’d better be friends. Because you two persons’ attitudes and ideas towards love and are greatly different, make friends do not care about these, but it is not the same for being lovers. If two people’s attitudes are too different, contradiction is unavoidable, then the two people just quarrel and quarrel, and having no time to concern with love and romance. In the end you not only can not become loves, even friends can’t be done.

2, Temperance

This tarot shows that you can develop into lovers. You two are very congenial and live in harmony. When you make friends, you’re very loyal to each other, as long as one side is in difficulty, the other side will put hand to help. And eventually you will become lovers, because your ideas towards feelings are consistent, so your love will be sweet. Congratulations! Encounter a so congenial people, you must cherish it.

3, Knight of Cups

This tarot shows that the two of you can become lovers. You two are very tacit, you have many similar views on dreams for the future and practice, if you contact with each other, you will put a lot of love for each other, together to create a better future, let the love blossom fruit.

4, Cups Ten

This tarot shows that you can become lovers. I can say, this person is your destined lovers, and together with him or her will have a good future for you. Both of you are very serious about he love, also can use the sincerity to care. And he or she can almost satisfy all the requirements of “good lover” in your mind, how can you miss such a good object?

5, Inversion of Pentacles Ten

This tarot shows that you’d better be friends. The two of you are different in family background, if you fall in love, there will have a lot of different ideas and habits, two people need to adapt to each other, otherwise will produce conflict, so it may produce frequent quarrels. Such love can be very tired, and difficult to maintain.